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Pashchimi is a non-profit organization (a 501 (3) (C) public charity incorporation) based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2004 and run by a dedicated group of business executives and professionals living and working in the Bay Area, Pashchimi seeks to support the ethnic diversity and culture in the US as well as provide economic support for the charitable institutes that work for the uplift of meritorious students from low-income families in India.

We Follow

Pashchimi's Mission


Raise funds to provide urgent economic assistance to families during sudden medical emergencies


Promote Indian culture and heritage in the West


Raise funds to provide educational support for meritorious children from low-income families in India


Encourage and facilitate dissemination of our heritage to second and third generation Indian children residing in the US


Foster socio-cultural and ethnic harmony among the communities

Social Commitments

On Socio-cultural front, to promote Indian culture and heritage in US as well as to support charitable institutions working for the Indian community, Pashchimi has been organizing large community events since its incorporation. Pashchimi plans to work more directly in India thru its members to utilize these funds in future. Since 2004, Pashchimi has raised more than $70,000 in support of this cause.

Pashchimi is working with India-based NGOs to provide financial support for meritorious children from poor families and show them the path to success. Pashchimi does not merely provide money, sponsors for these programs also have the ownership of constantly interactingwith the child they support and guide them thru the developmental process. In 2010, Pashchimi plans to support at least 8 such children thru their 10th and 12th classes.

Pashchimi's Ideals


We believe in every individual for who they are and what they can do, rather than one's background, gender, socio-ethnic origin, religion, economic condition or political affiliation.


We do not promote or express any political view.


We do not have any religious or cultural bias. We encourage and encompass all cultures, religions and ethnic communities.


We honor honest intent, respect integrity and trustworthiness; value open and transparent communication and support a just cause, even if that is against our own interests.


We believe we belong to a family, and not merely to an organization; it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure harmony in the group and in the society that we live in

Events - Durga Puja/ Dussera And Sharod Mela

Pashchimi's flagship event and one of the largest of its kind in the Bay Area is the Durga Puja and Sharod Mela. Since its humble beginning in 2004, this event has grown in size and popularity. Last year, it attracted over 15,000 visitors over five days. The popularity of the event has spread not only within the Bay Area, but also to other parts of US and even to the neighboring countries. (We are often thrilled to hear stories of visitors to the Bay Area residents planning their trip around the dates of our event!)


While multiple events are organized on the same theme, this Pashchimi event is one of its kinds in its approach. Honesty to tradition and sheer grandeur are its main strengths. Usually spread over five consecutive days, the main attractions of the event are its colorful fair, diverse cultural programs,authentic and traditional Indian Puja - all organized within the same facility. It is an eagerly awaited festival for all local Indians and amust see for all visitors who happen to be in the Bay Area during that period. Internationally acclaimed must see for all visitors who happen to be in the Bay Area during that period.

Over 10,000 visitors Five-day event, open to public, no entry fee Cultural shows, musical performances Colorful fair, food stalls free lunch served to all

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Internationally acclaimed "artistes from India" regularly grace the cultural stage. Pashchimi tradition has been to promote local talent and give them an opportunity to perform alongside these famous performers. It has become an honor for the local talent to perform on the stage. The event has been covered by the TV and News media like India Post, Siliconeer, The Economic Times, TV Asia, etc.

We Need Your Support

A modest initiative started by a small bunch of people with their own contribution has grown to a full-fledged movement today. In order for

Pashchimi to succeed in its mission, it needs continuous financial support. Pashchimi has been fortunate to receive funding from recognized brands and local businesses that want to reach out to the Indian community and from generous donations from our well-wishers. Many of the corporate sponsors have been regular contributors to the Pashchimi cause.

Needless to mention, the exposure to and face-time with potentially 10000+ visitors is certainly not unattractive! You can also download Pashchimi Profile from here