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Durga Puja - 2021


We have received an overwhelming amount of inquiry about our Puja this year. We are thrilled with the interest everyone has shown, and we acknowledge that it took us a little longer to announce our plans for this year, primarily because we were evaluating multiple options to balance the safety and health of our visitors, volunteers and vendors and also not compromise with the structure and core principles of the Puja.

How will Puja be organized this year?
It will be a 5 day Puja, like every year, exactly on the days specified in the Panjika.

Dates: Oct 10 (Sashthi) – Oct 14 (Dashami)

Venue: Newpark Mall parking, Newark – we specifically chose an open air location since your safety is our highest priority

Detailed Nirghanta to be published soon.

Is there an entry fee?
Like all previous years, there is no entry fee to come to the Pujo. However, a Pujo registration (register here) is required to offer Pujo and Anjali (please read below).

Can I offer Pujo for me and family for all days like every year?
This year, Pujo will be done in an enclosed (fenced) area. Only those who register for offering Pujo (register here) will be allowed entry into this area for all 5 days. Individuals who register, will be required to provide a proof of vaccination of the attendees from their family (for everyone 12 and older) and go through a temperature check before entry. Pandal/enclosure capacity will dictate the number of individuals who can be inside the fence at a given time.

How do I register for Puja?
Please register here on our website to buy Paja Package. Note that there will NOT be any onsite registration this year, and those intending to offer Pujo, will have to pre-register on our website. As we will have a limited number of registrations, we encourage everyone to register as soon as possible.

We will charge $50 per attendee. Children under 12 years age will be free.

Can I offer Pushpanjali / watch Pujo without registration?
We have considered multiple options to allow people to offer Anjali, like previous years. However, there is no practical way to allow everyone offer Pushpanjali without violating CDC guidelines or significantly increasing logistical overheads. Hence, we have taken a decision this year to allow only registered visitors offer Pushpanjali.
Please note that you can always watch the Pujo from outside the enclosure.

Will you stream the Pujo live?
We do not plan to stream the Pujo live this year.

What about Parking?
Free unlimited parking will be available within the mall.

Will there be vendors?
There will be food, and non-food vendor stalls outside the enclosed area.

Are there any other restrictions?
Social distancing and masking will be required all around the Puja venue. Temperature checks will also be required to enter vendor booths. All vendors will be informed of, and expected to be in compliance with, health safety guidelines at all times. They are required to ensure visitors in and around their booths follow these guidelines as well. However, Pashchimi will not monitor if they are following these guidelines. We ask that you decide whatever you consider to be safe for you and family if you decide to visit them.
Will you have bhog this year?
We are working to make sure we can serve bhog, at least on Ashtami and Nabami. Our discussions with the health officials are in progress and we will advise everyone as soon as we have an agreement with them. Please be on the lookout for our message in this regard or visit our website regularly for updates.

How can I know more / stay informed?
Please follow our Facebook page or visit our website to stay informed on the latest. In addition, you will receive our update emails with more details.

Can I be part of the Pujo team?
This year we require more volunteers to help with the Pujo, and need your help. If you share our passion, and are fully vaccinated, please email us at

While Pashchimi is doing everything possible to ensure your safety by adhering to CDC’s health guidelines, we strongly recommend everyone to consider health risks for you and your family before deciding to join in-person. Pashchimi will not be responsible for any health consequences if you chose to attend the event in-person.

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