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Somlata and the Aces

Oasis Palace Restaurant - Great Ballroom

Sun, 02 Oct 2022, 09:00 PM

GATES OPEN 8:15 pm.


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Terms and Conditions:

1. Children under 5 are free (they cannot occupy a seat)

2. Tickets once purchased, cannot be refunded

3. Promotions may be given from time to time, prices for which may be different from the listed price. Any ticket bought outside of promotions cannot be exchanged for promotional pricing

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Monday Oct 3rd:


Kids performances ( 8 - 8:30 pm)

Participants:  Aarohon (Dhar) Chakraborty, Aniksha Roy, Araddhya Das, Nivaan gupta, Pratichi Bera, Ved Bhattacharya, Aarush Khatua, Aniksha Roy, Araddhya Das, Ishayan Vats Das, Priyadarshini Chakraborty, AAron das, Agriya Dutta, Aishani Dutta


8:30 pm onwards - Ashami- r Jalsa feat. Mahuya Dhar, Oikotaan and Saptak Band

Bangla Gaan by Mahuya Dhar

Dance by Adhuna Mukhopadhyay

Oikotaan band (Indu, Prakriti, Divyendu & Indrashish)

Shruti Natok (Monobina & Gopa)

Saptak Live Band (Anirban, Sruthi, Gourab, Avik , Amit, Ipshita & Oishik)


Tuesday Oct 4th: 


Kids performances (8 - 8:15)

Reesha Saha

Ishaan Das

Simi Sharma 

Arunika Naha


8:15 onwards - Nabami-r Ayojon feat. Kushal, Radha, Gautam, Tamalika


Pashchimi presents - a show presented by pashchimi core members

Solo Dance performances  

Samrajni Chakrabarty

Anasuya Dutta

Solo Singing 

Debojit Choudhury 


Adhuna Mukhopadhyay


Band performance (Radha , Gautam , Priyanka, Tamalika & Sourabh) 


Durga Puja - 2022


Durga Puja is almost here!

This year's Durga Puja will be held at the same place as last year - Oasis Palace Restaurant. The Puja this year will be open to all unless there are congregation restrictions imposed by the county or CDC.

While offering pushpanjali will be free, anyone wishing to offer Puja or perform Kumari Puja or Sandhi Puja will be required to register. To register for Puja, please click "Buy Puja Package" link on this page. One registration allows you to offer Puja for four days for the whole family. Please keep the receipt of the registration and show it to us at the Puja mandap. There is no single day registration option. Please come with your Puja offering (we do not sell Puja items at the mandap).

Please contact us for any further details at


                                  Puja Nirghonto



Sashthi Oct 1

6:00 pm - Akal bodhon

Saptami Oct 2

10:30 am- Mahasaptami Puja

12:30 pm - Pushpanjali

1:00 pm - Bhog distribution

5:30 pm - Sandhya aarati


8:15 pm (gates open) - Somlata and the Aces

Navami Oct 4

9:30 am - Mahanavami Puja

12:30 pm - Pushpanjali

1:00 pm - Bhog distribution

2:00 pm - Kumari Puja

6:30 pm - Sandhya aarati


8:00 pm - Childrens' cultural program

8:15 pm - Cultural feat - Nabami-r Ayojon



Ashtami Oct 3

9:30 am - Mahashtami Puja

12:30 pm - Pushpanjali

1:00 pm - Bhog distribution

3:30 pm - Sandhi Puja

6:30 pm - Sandhya aarati

8:00 pm - Children's Cultural Program

8:30 pm - Cultural feat - Ashtami- r Jalsa

Dashami Oct 5

10:00 am- Mahadashami Puja

12:00 pm - Pushpanjali

1:00 pm - Bhog distribution

1:00 pm Biswarjan

6:30 pm - Sindur Daan










Q. I am not a member, can I come to the Pujo? Do I need to register for Pujo?

You can certainly come to the Pujo. Our Pujo is open to all. Our pushpanjali is free. Pujo registration is only required if you want to offer your own/ your family's pujo.

Q. What does the registration cover?

Pujo registration (Puja Package) covers four days of Pujo for you and your family. It also covers Sandhi Pujo (if you have selected it) and Kumari Pujo (if you have selected it).

Q. I only want to offer Pujo for one day. What is my choice?

Your Pujo registration allows you to offer Pujo for four days. If you want to only attend one day, that is up to you. Please bring the receipt relevant for that day when you come.

Q. What about bhog? Is it covered in the Pujo registration?

The Pujo registration does not cover bhog. We serve bhog on-site on a first-come, first-served basis. You pay with cash or pay by card at the bhog counter.

Note: "bhog" is not "prasad". Prasad is served to anyone who has offered pushpanjali and is free. Bhog is a sacred "meal" and is blessed with (mixed with) the bhog we offer to Ma Durga.

Q. Can I pre-pay for bhog?

Unfortunately no. We only take money when we serve the bhog.

Q. Do I need to pay for parking?

Parking is plentiful and free. However, during daytime it can get quite crowded.

Q. How do I offer Pujo for all my family members?

When you register, please add your family members name and gotra. Our pujari will offer sankalpa for all of you.

Q. I have registered for Pujo. What is next?

You will have received a PDF with Pujo receipts for all four days (we do not offer Pujo on sashthi). Please bring the receipt specific to a day (hardcopy or on your device) and show it at our registration booth. Also bring your Puja offerings. Our registration volunteers will validate the receipt and either give you a stamp (if you have hardcopy) or a paper receipt (if you show it on your mobile). Place the receipt on your Puja offering and hand it over to the volunteers on the stage.

Once we finish your sankalpa, your Puja offering will be returned back with the receipt. Please do not forget to pick it up. It is disrespectful to leave it behind.

Q. I just want to offer a "bastra" or some flowers to Maa. Do I need to register?

We would prefer that you register. Then we can offer it to Maa as your Pujo offering. However, if you do not, you can leave your offering at the registration desk. We will offer it to Maa.

Q. Can I perform sindur daan on Dashami? Is there a charge?

Sundur daan is free if you have registered for Pujo. Please bring any of your registration slips (for any day) at the registration desk. They will give you a band to enter. If you have not registered for Pujo, there is a nominal charge ($10). You will pay with credit/debit card or cash at the registration desk onsite on the day of the ceremony.

Only women can participate in sindur daan. Each person performing sindur daan needs to pay separately even if they are from the same family. Note that there is usually a long queue for devotees to offer sindur. Please plan to come early. 

Q. Can I donate to Pashchimi?

Absolutely. Pashchimi very much depends on donors like you. Please use our "donate" button or send us your donation thru Paypal or Zelle (

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