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Cultural - 2020


External show, check Anwesshaa promo - sweetest voice here.


Local Talents: This year's cultural program is happening virtually  from Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 to Sunday, Oct 25, 2020. Get ready for evenings full of cultural entertainment brought to you by our local talents.


Registration is now closed for cultural. We have amazing sign up from local talents and next generation. Please stay tuned.


Schedule will be published on Oct 14th, 2020.





Magazine - 2020


Entries are now closed, Thank you for your support!!!!!  

Pashchimi is launching eMagazine this year. If you are passionate about writing, poetry, cooking, traveling, hiking, or any other hobby, share your passion with the community through our eMagazine.

Send us your articles, recipes, travelogues, stories, artistic creations, poems.

Register Here  or simply email your entry to