saraswati puja - 2020
Pashchimi is happy to invite everyone to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, on Wednesday Jan 29 at the Azevada Elementary School in Fremont at 39450 Royal Palm Dr map. The Puja will start at 6:30 pm, followed by anjali and Hate Khori.

The Puja is open to all and there is no entry fee. However, we always appreciate your donations, which go a long way in making these events successful.

Those of you who intend to perform your child's Hate Khori, please bring paper/ notebook and pencil with you. Please register your child before you come for the Hate Khori. We charge a nominal fee of $25 for Hate Khori, which may be paid at the venue. Those who want to offer Puja, please be there no later than 7:00 pm. Please bring your Puja items with you, as we do not supply these.  We charge a nominal $25 for Puja registration which may be paid at the venue. We accept cash, checks and credit card payments. 

Lastly, we will serve khichuri bhog after the Puja, for a nominal cost, which can be paid in cash on-site. We do not sell coupons in advance.

Even though it is a workday, but there is no better way to worship the Goddess of music and knowledge than offering the Puja on the exact day, by adhering our age-old tradition and culture which only a Pashchimi Puja can offer.

We are eager to see you all at the Pashchimi Saraswati Puja this year!

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