Durga Puja - 2020

With the completion of Pitrupakhsha, we are closer to possibly the most awaited event of the year. We are ready to welcome Maa Durga once again among us. Even though we are currently besieged by one of the most events many of us will possibly ever see in our lifetime, we will not let this stop us from hosting the event that you all eagerly await.  

The Pashchimi Durga Puja will be held from Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020 to Sunday, Oct 25, 2020, and like every year, we will remain honest to our tradition, follow all the ceremonies, and adhere to the correct calendar.

However, keeping the health and safety concerns of our members and well-wishers as our top priority this year, we have decided to organize the event completely virtually. This will enable us to adhere to the Puja calendar and the correct schedule and ceremonies, yet keep our members safe. The ceremonies will be held privately, and will be streamed LIVE for free to the entire world.

Those of you who want to offer your Puja, we do not want to deprive you of that opportunity. We will soon open our online registration for you to register. Unfortunately due to pandemic restrictions, we cannot accept your in-person offerings, but we will offer the Puja on your behalf (Sankalpa in your name and gotra). You will be able to see online that your Puja is being offered. We will also send you a Puja take-away that you will cherish. We will communicate directly about the details to those who register. 

We have also planned evenings full of cultural entertainment, live as well as recorded, from local artists as well as renowned artists from India. Our cultural team will soon send you information about the ways you can participate in our evening programs. Pashchimi will publish an e-magazine this year. We solicit your articles, recipes, travelogues, stories, artistic creations, poems and other creative expressions. 

Those who want to showcase your business online, we have designed several ways you can do so, very economically, and reach out to thousands of our members and well-wishers who have sustained our event for the last sixteen years and have consistently supported your business. Please send us an email at and we will send you details. We are reaching out to all our current vendors and sponsors, since spots are limited, so it would be wise to reach out to us soonest.

Pashchimi now has a new YouTube channel. You can see some of our earlier decorations as well as listen to the evergreen Mahisasurmardini. Please subscribe to Pashchimi Bay Area YouTube channel to stay tuned with future live and other videos.


Mahalaya| 2020| Best wishes from Pashchimi Bay Area

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